lew-kinney-and-associates-icon Lew Kinney & Associates’ Program Summary

a. About Lew Kinney & Associates LLC and the organizations’ development and evolution to its present state:

Lew Kinney & Associates LLC is an AWS (American Welding Society) certified inspector specialist and certified welder. Lew is a member of the American Welding Society. He served a welding apprenticeship under a master welder. He received technical training at the Hobart Welding School and studied business administration through LaSalle University. Lew has 55 years’ experience, having operated his own welding fabrication business and completed a successful career as a sales representative for manufacturers and distributors of welding equipment. Lew Kinney taught adult welding education at the Delaware (Ohio) Joint Vocational School for 10 years. He continues to assist with the program, now taught by one of his former students. Lew Kinney was invited to be a speaker at the 2002 and 2003 International Auto Body Congress and Exposition (NACE).

Lew Kinney & Associates LLC is known coast to coast throughout the manufacturing and auto body industry for his knowledge of welding and his unique one-on-one approach to teaching welding skills. Lew Kinney & Associates LLC developed from the response and requests Lew received from clients for hands-on training, after demonstrating welding equipment and alloys to industrial accounts and the auto body industry.

Lew Kinney designed a program around a vision to deliver a unique, one-on-one, hands-on training program to the job site, taught by welding professionals. The training program provides the opportunity for the industrial welder to demonstrate his/her welding skills and be certified to the appropriate American Welding Society codes for the various welding applications: D1.1 Structural Code – Steel, D1.2 Structural Code – Aluminum, D1.3 Sheet Steel, D1.6 Stainless Steel or ASME Pipe. The training program teaches the industrial worker how to make a quality, safe weld every time.

Demand for Lew Kinney & Associates LLC training program grew as compliance was required for manufacturers, including automotive manufacturers, to the ISO 9000 quality programs. The program provides continuing education for skilled workers and also affects the results of your bottom line in cost savings.

b. Strengths of our program:

Lew Kinney & Associates LLC provides a one-on-one training program and conducts AWS certification testing in your manufacturing facility. The associate receives the training and performs the test on the equipment he/she works with on a daily basis.

Lew Kinney & Associates LLC teaches the student how to set his/her equipment correctly for the task they are about to perform. Often, a student will be self-taught or improperly trained; they will not know how to set their equipment, and they will demonstrate non-productive welding techniques. Learning the proper use of the welding equipment is often a highlight of the training session. The student has the ability to perform a quality weld every time upon completion of the training.

It is not unusual for many of the technically trained students to be apprehensive about test taking. Lew Kinney & Associates LLC objective is to help the student overcome the stress of taking a test. Lew Kinney’s intensive hands-on training increases the AWS certification testing pass rate, which attributes to the success of the training program.

Our quality surveys demonstrate that Lew Kinney & Associates LLC is providing a high-quality program that is serving the needs of the industry beyond the scope of other available training programs.